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About Us

iTeach Club is a dedicated team with 3+ years experience teaching practical English and technology to immigrants here, in the states and in Canada. We are committed to changing the world by helping those in needs to adapt to their new environments.


iTeach Club currently have 38 members, working in teaching, editing, recording, and Tech Support teams. Throughout our years of service, iTeach Club has helped 500+ new immigrants and senior immigrants, providing them with 4000+ hours of service, including 500 hours of English classes.


In 2019 and 2021, iTeach Club won the Dr. Alan Cheung Community Leadership Scholarship for our outstanding contributions to the community.

Typing on the Computer

Editing Team

The editing team collects relevant topics and transforms them into slides presentations with vocabulary and example conversations. These lesson slides are catered towards students’ preferences and usefulness in their daily lives. Our lessons have been praised by students as “the most useful English lessons I have ever taken.”

Recording Team

The recording team is responsible for creating audio files from the lesson slides. This allows for students to study outside of the classroom at their own pace.

Teaching English

Teaching Teams

As the frontline of the club, the teaching team teaches courses on English, citizenship exams, and technologies.  iTeach currently has six teaching teams, working at five different local senior centers and one online. Each team is composed of English teachers and tech support members that have been thoroughly trained for their positions.


Tech Support Team

The backbone of iTeach, the tech support team provides technical support and classes on technology to students and maintains the iTeach website. They are also responsible for periodically redesigning the website. 

Record Player

Meet Members!


Audrey Dai


Hi, my name is Audrey Dai, and I'm a senior at Montgomery Blair High School. As the president of iTeach, I'm responsible for directing and coordinating daily operations for the organization and ensuring that regular activities are completed on schedule. I'm grateful to all our members for their hard work with iTeach, and all our senior students, for inspiring us all.

Alex Yeung.jpeg

Alexander Yeung

Teaching Team and Recording Team Member

Hi, I’m Alexander Yeung. I’m a teacher and editor at iTeach. I am currently a sophomore at Richard Montgomery High School. Through iTeach, I learned how to be responsible and how to be patient with others. I also learned that I enjoy teaching and tutoring others.

Lucy Wu.jpeg

Lucy Wu

Teaching Team Leader

Hi there! My name is Lucy Wu, a senior at Winston Churchill High School and the Team Lead of the community teaching team. I have been a member of iTeach for almost two years now. Through this journey, our senior students taught me a really important lesson which is to always have a passion for life and never believe in those limitations that other set for us.

amy cheng.jpg

Amy Cheng

Editing Team Leader

Hi, my name is Amy, and I am the Editing Team Leader for iTeach. I am currently a senior at Winston Churchill High School and have lived in the Montgomery County area my whole life, though I was born in Shanghai, China. iTeach volunteering has helped me in my goal to positively contribute to my community, as well as fulfill the senior's passion for learning English. Being a part of iTeach has taught me that when everyone works together we can accomplish goals that we wouldn’t be possible by ourselves. 

Jiaye Zeng.jpg

Jiaye Zeng

IT Service Member

Hello, my name’s Jiaye Zeng.  I was born in China and moved to the U.S when I was 4. Now I live in Maryland and I’m a freshman at NorthWest High School.  I like many things building with legos, listening to music, and play with my two cats are my favorite.  I started off as an editor and had taught English for half a year. Now I help with questions and problems relating to mobile devices. I’ve been having a lot of fun teaching and helping the elderly. I hope to continue as during the pandemic is when they need our help the most.

Holly Zhang.jpg

Holly Zhang

Teaching Team Member

I am a 9th grader at Richard Montgomery High School. At iTeach, I am a teacher for APlus Senior Center and is super excited to be part of the team! 

Kevin Wei.jpg

Kevin Wei

Teaching Team Member

Hi! My name is Kevin Wei, and I am in the teacher position in iteach. I am a freshman at Thomas S. Wootton High School. I’ve met so many kind and loving seniors within my 2 years of teaching. It is a honor to be apart of this program!


Daniel Yi

Editing Team Member

Although I am a fairly new addition to the CAPA iTeach club, I feel like it is a valuable experience to both the person volunteering and to the recipients of the service. Knowing that your work goes into helping others is a heartwarming feeling. The iTeach community is also very kind towards newcomers and I was able to pick everything up very quickly. It is volunteer experiences such as these that are the most important towards learning how to better present something and to better oneself.